The Drone Threat & ESKAN-STURA-7

Today we live in a world with more and more threats to personal and national security. One of these threats are drones, drones have been commercially available in a capacity that can be used for terror since 2013.

With drones that can fly for tens of minutes, as well as replacement batteries, these make great tools to sabotage, maim, or kill.

With the ever growing threat, there are, of course, ever growing solutions and protections, take for example the ESKAN-STURA-7 with unique fingerprinting identification it’s possible to make the majority of commercial drones inoperable. With the option of GPS jamming it will also make returning to base very difficult for a drone.

Conventional jamming may also work, however conventional jamming systems are quite large and do not offer enough direction to jam a drone that may be 1000 feet in the air.

Drones usually have three modes that they default to when they lose their signal and / or controller.

1.) Return to base (based on GPS)

2.) Hover in the same location and standby

3.) Slowly lower to the ground and standby

With less advanced drones, they tend to carry on moving in the direction that they were in when they are jammed

Rest assured though, the drone will not be able to successfully carry out its mission as all communications and signals will be jammed when using the ESKAN-STURA-7