About Eskan

Technical superiority through design innovation
As one of the leading manufacturers of surveillance and counter-surveillance equipment, Eskan has built a reputation for offering exceptional value with superior technical specifications to discerning users in a broad spectrum of operating environments.
UK design and manufacture for specialist users worldwide
Law enforcement agencies, intelligence agencies and military special operations units worldwide have benefitted from Eskan design innovation and reliable performance. For over two decades Eskan have designed, developed and manufactured exclusively in the UK.
Customised products and support training
As well as offering a comprehensive range of equipment to suit most conditions, Eskan's technical support team of engineers is available to discuss your customised requirements and training needs. Complementing this capability, our sister company ETS (Electronic Technical Solutions) offers a complete portfolio of surveillance related skills training courses, designed and delivered by ex-operational law enforcement and military trainers.

For more information see our Training page.